Friday, August 23, 2013

Black Hurricane Playlist

Here's Black Hurricane's playlist. You can find most of these on Grooveshark.

Sexy and sensual
Nine Inch Nails: Closer (Sexiest song ever - inspired the video scene in BH)
Jay Gordon: Slept So Long (Listen from Jazz' early PoV)
--- I see him in your eyes (His own reflection)
--- Taken in by surprise
--- Touching you makes me feel alive
--- Touching you makes me die inside (Can't you just feel the conflict in the song? I love it ^.^)
Godhead: Penetrate (Sexy, sexy song)
Deftones: Change (Jazz's PoV)
Static-X: Cold (Seriously sexy song)
Jonathan Davis: Forsaken (From Dean's PoV - yes, I know this is about a vampire, but the words can apply to Dean's desire ;))
Chester Bennington: System (Dean)
It's obvious, from this, that I love the Queen of the Damned album *blush*
Bodyrockers: I Like the Way (Come on, you know you love that sexy voice)

Disturbed: Down with the Sickness (Dean as a teen)
Lenny Kravitz: Are You Gonna Go My Way (Played at the party)
Quarashi: Stick 'em Up (At the party and the alley fight)
Linkin Park: Numb (Dean as a teen)
Linkin Park: Hit the Floor (So cool)
Linkin Park: In the End (And pretty much every Linkin Park song ever made)
Evanescence: Wake Me Up Inside (Jazz's PoV)
The Doors: Break on Through (Played at the party)
Disturbed: Animal (Dean)
Muse: Uprising (At Alex and Eric's house)

Slower rock
Poets of the Fall: Carnival of Rust (I fall in love whenever I hear this - Dean)
Chad Kroeger: Hero (Dean and Jazz sing together)
Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (Dean and Jazz sing together)
Creed: Six Feet from the Edge (Jazz as a teen)
Jet Black Joe: Rain (Played at the party)
Jet Black Joe: Higher (Played at the party)
Jet Black Joe: I know (Played at the party - YouTube)
Jet Black Joe: My Time for You (Played at the party - YouTube)
Jet Black Joe: Starlight (Played at the party - YouTube - rock starts at 0:40)

Poets of the Fall: All The Way (Oh God, the second half, totally in love...)
Poets of the Fall: Dawn (Soooo beautiful - Dean and Jazz in love)
Quarashi: Baseline (Quarashi is hard to put in a single box)
Quarashi with Auddi, Sveppi and Petur: Crazy Bastard (Just for fun ^.^ Homoerotic vid on YouTube)
Bruno Mars: Grenade (Jazz sings - Jazz as a teen)
The Doors: Light My Fire (Played at the party)

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