Friday, August 23, 2013

Black Hurricane Playlist

Here's Black Hurricane's playlist. You can find most of these on Grooveshark.

Sexy and sensual
Nine Inch Nails: Closer (Sexiest song ever - inspired the video scene in BH)
Jay Gordon: Slept So Long (Listen from Jazz' early PoV)
--- I see him in your eyes (His own reflection)
--- Taken in by surprise
--- Touching you makes me feel alive
--- Touching you makes me die inside (Can't you just feel the conflict in the song? I love it ^.^)
Godhead: Penetrate (Sexy, sexy song)
Deftones: Change (Jazz's PoV)
Static-X: Cold (Seriously sexy song)
Jonathan Davis: Forsaken (From Dean's PoV - yes, I know this is about a vampire, but the words can apply to Dean's desire ;))
Chester Bennington: System (Dean)
It's obvious, from this, that I love the Queen of the Damned album *blush*
Bodyrockers: I Like the Way (Come on, you know you love that sexy voice)

Disturbed: Down with the Sickness (Dean as a teen)
Lenny Kravitz: Are You Gonna Go My Way (Played at the party)
Quarashi: Stick 'em Up (At the party and the alley fight)
Linkin Park: Numb (Dean as a teen)
Linkin Park: Hit the Floor (So cool)
Linkin Park: In the End (And pretty much every Linkin Park song ever made)
Evanescence: Wake Me Up Inside (Jazz's PoV)
The Doors: Break on Through (Played at the party)
Disturbed: Animal (Dean)
Muse: Uprising (At Alex and Eric's house)

Slower rock
Poets of the Fall: Carnival of Rust (I fall in love whenever I hear this - Dean)
Chad Kroeger: Hero (Dean and Jazz sing together)
Metallica: Nothing Else Matters (Dean and Jazz sing together)
Creed: Six Feet from the Edge (Jazz as a teen)
Jet Black Joe: Rain (Played at the party)
Jet Black Joe: Higher (Played at the party)
Jet Black Joe: I know (Played at the party - YouTube)
Jet Black Joe: My Time for You (Played at the party - YouTube)
Jet Black Joe: Starlight (Played at the party - YouTube - rock starts at 0:40)

Poets of the Fall: All The Way (Oh God, the second half, totally in love...)
Poets of the Fall: Dawn (Soooo beautiful - Dean and Jazz in love)
Quarashi: Baseline (Quarashi is hard to put in a single box)
Quarashi with Auddi, Sveppi and Petur: Crazy Bastard (Just for fun ^.^ Homoerotic vid on YouTube)
Bruno Mars: Grenade (Jazz sings - Jazz as a teen)
The Doors: Light My Fire (Played at the party)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Site!

Welcome to The Boston Boys Series site! 

Here I will post news specifically about this series along with character details, previews and anything that has to do with these books. My official website is

Feel free to follow, ask questions and just generally goof around.